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Свойства Галерея Спецификации Видео Поддержка Think Green

User Manual
Category Language Version Release Download
Hardware Manual Multi-language 1.0 2016/06/27
Smart Power Management Manual English 1.0 2016/03/16

Drivers & Softwares
Product Release Notice Version Release Date Download
DPS G App *Update History:
Support PC Off Remote Control
Minor Bugs Fix
V2.3.2 2016/05/25
DPS G App Release notes:
1.Added fan speed customization function. (Only supports specific digital PSUs)
2.Fixed some information error issues.
3.Fixed multi-language error issue.
V3.1.4 2019/01/31
Fix Tool If DPS G App opens twice after boot up, download the tool to fix the issue.
*Please right-click the software and run it in administrator mode.
1.0 2018/11/01